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ART Outsource

​ART and ANIMATION production for Games and Movies 

Your Source of Game Arts

KICK Motion is an Art Outsourcing company specializing in Games and Movies production. It gathers artists with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Let us bring your Game to life!

Art Outsourcing Studio
Our Games

What we can do for You

We make ART with the KICK!

We offer complete ART creation starting from Concept Art to 2D and 3D Production, including Animation and VFX. Our flexible production pipeline is designed to meet your needs. We management team so your assets will be delivered with the best quality.

2D Art desing
  • Concept Art

  • Character desing

  • UI desing

  • Illustrations

  • Storyboards

  • Marketing Art

  • Environment design

3D and 2D Animation production
  • Character and creature animation

  • Motion graphics

  • UI Animation

  • Cinematic Art

  • Rigging

  • Cut-scenes

3D Art assets desing
  • Character moddeling

  • Vehicles

  • Enviroment Art

  • Level Art

  • Props desing

  • Texturing

  • Hard Surface

VFX for games and movies
  • Particle effects

  • Procedural process

  • Shadder effects

  • Unity3D and Uneal Engine


It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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Häränajajanpolku 3D/32
20210 Turku, Finland

+358 44 231 5027

bID: 3283236-2

RT-Pro Artur Huk
ul. Łokietka 23A/37

81735, Sopot, POLAND

+48 505967770

VAT: PL5851408554

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