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Our team delivers Art with the KICK!. From Concept Art to the final production quality. We create all types of ARTs such as characters, creatures, vehicles, environments, 3D models, animation, VFX, and cinematic videos. The style or platform is not the limit for us.

Take a look at what we can do for you:

2D Art
  • Concept Art

  • Character desing

  • UI desing

  • Illustrations

  • Storyboards

  • Marketing Art

  • Environment design

  • Character and creature animation

  • Motion graphics

  • UI Animation

  • Cinematic Art

  • Rigging

  • Cut-scenes

3D Art
  • Character moddeling

  • Vehicles

  • Enviroment Art

  • Level Art

  • Props desing

  • Texturing

  • Hard Surface

VFX Visuall effects
  • Particle effects

  • Procedural process

  • Shadder effects

  • Unity3D and Uneal Engine

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