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Unleashing Creativity: How KICK Motion's Art Outsourcing Transforms Projects

Outsourcing art and animation can unlock new levels of creativity and innovation for studios of all sizes. KICK Motion is an art outsourcing company that specializes in transforming game and movie projects by providing top-tier creative talent.

With over 20 years of industry experience, the KICK Motion team delivers stunning 2D and 3D art, animation, VFX, and more. Their international team of specialists brings a diverse blend of skills and perspectives to each project. This diversity and depth of talent allow KICK Motion to approach projects from all angles and generate fresh ideas.

A girl creating stunning 2D and 3D art, animation

So how exactly does KICK Motion unleash creativity through art outsourcing? Here are some of the key ways:

Focus In-House Efforts on Core Priorities:
  • Outsourcing art through KICK Motion allows studios to free up their internal team to focus on critical tasks like programming, game design, production planning etc. By handing off art assets to specialists, in-house talent can devote more time to the areas that drive the project vision.

Access Expanded Production Capabilities:
  • The KICK Motion team includes experts across the entire art production pipeline like concept artists, 3D modelers, animators, texture artists, and more. This end-to-end capability allows the company to handle virtually any art-related need that arises during a project. Outsourcing through KICK Motion gives studios an instant expansion of skills and bandwidth.

Tap Global Creative Perspectives:
  • With artists located around the world, KICK Motion offers a melting pot of creative perspectives from different cultures and backgrounds. By tapping this global talent pool, clients benefit from fresh conceptual approaches and solutions that they may not uncover on their own.

Quick Scaling to Meet Demand:
  • Through its network of artists, KICK Motion can swiftly scale up production as needed to hit tight deadlines. The company can manage groups of artists across time zones and specializations to create assets or meet other needs in a timely manner. This scalability enables studios to focus on the creative instead of production logistics.

A high quality vfx art display

High-Quality Art and VFX:
  • KICK Motion maintains high standards through a selective recruitment process. The company has experience handling projects across cartoony, realistic, and hybrid art styles. And their technical experts help integrate stunning VFX into game engines like Unreal and Unity. Clients can trust consistent, high-caliber art outputs.

To sum up, art outsourcing through specialized providers like KICK Motion offers an invaluable opportunity to enhance creativity and innovation. By tapping into expanded talent pools and capabilities, studios gain the assets and support to fully realize their creative visions. Outsourcing with the right partner unlocks your team's potential to dream bigger and bring incredible new worlds to life.

Contact us at or give them a call at +358442315027

Embark on a journey of artistic brilliance. Take advantage of the opportunity to revolutionize your projects and leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.


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