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Vehicle Design for Games: Outsourcing 3D Vehicles

Vehicles are a key component of many popular games, whether they are race cars, military tanks, aircraft, or something more fantastical. High-quality 3D vehicle models and textures are important for immersion and gameplay. However, modeling detailed vehicles requires specific expertise that indie studios may need to gain. In such cases, outsourcing vehicle art can be advantageous.

Specialized outsourcing providers like Kick Motion have teams dedicated to 3D vehicle art for games. Their modelers have years of experience crafting highly realistic automobiles, planes, helicopters, spaceships, ATVs, and more.

3D Bike Game Asset: Nighttime Battlefield Scene
Artist- Ilya Rukhlyada

Why Outsource 3D Vehicle Design for Games?

Outsourcing vehicle creation has some key benefits:

  • Deep Expertise On Demand - Get quality on par with AAA studios without the challenges of recruiting that expertise in-house. Experienced specialists make the difference.

  • Faster Turnarounds - Offshore teams with streamlined workflows can model faster. By progressing work 24/7, tasks get done quicker.

  • Significant Cost Savings - Avoid expenses associated with in-house modelers like workstations, software, and tools. Pay only for actual work delivered.

  • Focus on Core Priorities - Keep your team focused on critical design and mechanics rather than peripheral 3D tasks.

3D Bike Game Asset: Nighttime Battlefield Scene
Artist- Ilya Rukhlyada

End-to-End Vehicle Art Production

Reputed outsourcing providers offer end-to-end production pipelines from concept to finished game-ready assets. This includes:

  • Initial Concept Art - Set the visual direction.

  • 3D Modeling - Craft hi-poly vehicles with precision.

  • UV Unwrapping - Optimize models for texturing.

  • Texturing - Develop complex PBR texture maps.

  • Rigging - Enable animation for movable parts.

  • Final Optimized Models - Export lightweight, game-ready vehicles.

Smooth Collaboration

Outsourcing partners make collaboration seamless through the following:

  • Detailed specifications docs to align with expectations.

  • Milestone reviews for feedback at key stages.

  • Version control for assets using Perforce.

  • Final delivery via FTP.

For indie studios looking to integrate high-quality customizable vehicles within games, leveraging specialists' expertise is an effective strategy.

White Spaceship 3D Design - Futuristic and Sleek Spacecraft Concept

Would you like to learn more about optimizing your art outsourcing strategy? Explore our other blogs for insightful tips and industry insights or Contact us at or call +358442315027 to embark on a journey of artistic brilliance. Take advantage of the opportunity to revolutionize your projects and leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.


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